Students who previously used LC email and who need to read email sent prior to May 18, 2015 should click the blue button below (LC Webmail).

To access your Gmail account, click the green button below right or go to

LC faculty & staff not using Gmail should also use the blue button below (LC Webmail)

For more about your Google username and password click here

Your Gmail (and Google Apps) username and your email address is your LC network username combined with "" For example, if your network username is SMITH_J then your Gmail username and email address will be . Your initial password is the first four characters of your last name (with the first letter in uppercase) followed by the last four digits of your social security #. A typical password would, for example, be Smit4567. (NOTE: If your last name is less than four characters, then the beginning letters of your first name will be added and used to complete the first four characters of the password, but only the first letter will be in uppercase. A password for Bob Lee, for example, might be Leeb8765.)

If you previously used LC email, you will continue for the indefinite future to have access to your old (LC) email via the LC Webmail link below, but your old email address now operates as an alias to your Gmail account, and any emails sent to your old address now deliver to your Gmail account.

You can set up email on your Android smartphone using the Gmail app, or on your iPhone using the Google mail option.

Gmail Profile Photo
You may add a profile photo under Gmail by clicking on the gear icon (near top right corner), selecting Settings, then scrolling down under the General tab to My picture.

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